Exclusive Video Premiere for Night Eyez ‘City’

You probably recognize the name Jason Hartman from his amazing pysch / rock band Vanishing Kids and you’d be right. Not one to stay idle, he just dropped a new song / video from his side project Night Eyez you can check out below. It’s quirky, it’s got a cool vibe, and it’s Night Eyez.

Jason Hartman states:

“This song Night Eyez “City” is from my S/T debut from 2022. I’ve been meaning to make a vid from this one for a while now and just finally had some time.  Vid was filmed by Nikki [Drohomyreky]. It’s got the Vanishing Kids in it obviously.  Mostly just like to match imagery / movement to music. A theme kind of appeared throughout. It’s funny it’s called “City” but it’s all outside in the country! Kind of a wandering, psychedelic journey I guess?”

Since you’re here, feel free to check out an interview I did with Jason two years ago for New Noise Magazine. We talk Vanishing Kids, Old Spirit, and Night Eyez. And by the way, Old Spirit is now a full band with a live lineup. They’re set to appear at this year’s Blades of Steel Metal Fest in Madison, Labor Day weekend.

Author: Theron Moore

Theron Moore Biography: Moore’s first writing gig was SLAM Magazine (Stateline Area Magazine, Northern IL / Southern WI) in 1989. A year later he launched the zine, Louder Than God followed by For Those About To Rock and The Saint Vitus Press & Poetry Review (print). Moore has contributed poetry to Red Fez, The Saint Vitus Press & Poetry Review, Poetry Motel, Poesy Magazine, Tree Killer Ink, and Criminal Class Review. He’s contributed interviews, movie, news, and music reviews to Yahoo, horrornews.net, Wormwood Chronicles (2015 to the present), The Sludgelord, Metal Forces, and New Noise Magazine (2017 to present).